Discovering and developing opportunities in media, technology and brands.

Discovering and developing investment opportunities in media, technology and brands.


Overmorrow is a strategic advisory service focused exclusively on media, technology and brands.

Forming part of Wiggin LLP, the UK's leading media, technology and intellectual property law firm, we help identify and develop opportunities for our clients. Whether assisting investor clients with new opportunities, or sector clients seeking growth capital or strategic partnerships, our aim is to foster enduring business relationships.

Our clients may range from startups to publicly traded multi-nationals, and venture capital, private equity and family offices. We do not have any fixed requirements for an engagement nor is there any minimum deal size.  Our premise is simple – if we think we can add value, we will be happy to work with you.   

Our focus is exclusively on the following sectors:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Technology
  • Sport
  • Computer Games
  • Brands
  • Publishing

What we do

Media, Technology and Brand Clients

You have the vision: we help you realise it.

Media, technology and brands are some of most dynamic industry sectors globally. Whether seeking growth capital, an M&A opportunity or other strategic goals, our team will help you realise your vision. We leverage our technical skills, sector knowledge and understanding of your business to help formulate your strategy. Using our contacts and relationships, we can make suitable introductions to investors, professional advisors and other companies which we believe will deliver your vision.

Our work may involve early-stage deal advice or long-term growth plans, but our aim is to go beyond the transactional. We look to become a strategic partner, working with clients over many years, through their growth cycle.


We work with a range of investors and advisors, from investment banks, VC and PE firms, to hedge funds, family offices and lending institutions involved in, or seeking exposure to the media, technology and brand sectors. Whether veterans in this field, or making a first foray into the space, the unifying factor our clients share is their ambition to back innovation and to transform these markets.

We leverage our sector knowledge to help source opportunities that fit both your immediate needs and help you reach your long term goals.  As much as with our sector clients, our aim is to create a lasting entrepreneurial partnership.


Chris Hanson, Film / Publishing / Brands

Chris Hanson

Film / Publishing / Brands

chris.hanson@overmorrow.com +44 (0) 20 7612 7716
Michael Brader, Television / Sport

Michael Brader

Television / Sport

michael.brader@overmorrow.com +44 (0)20 7927 9679



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